Allan Munsie (Olycam)

Having been interested in photography since I was a child growing up in the Chicago suburbs, it has been only recently that I have made the art of taking photographs a passion in my life. I have always been an artistic person, having been a musician for most of my life. I have both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Music from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb Illinois, have performed in several ensembles, and taught music in the public schools.

Making a career change in 1995, I began my career in the technology industry, where I still remain as a member of Ford Motor Company.

Although enjoying my career change for the mental challenge, I felt that I was missing the exploration of my creative side. Since there isn’t exactly a high demand for jazz saxophone players these days, I focused my efforts to my other love, photography. I still dust off my horn on occasion, but the ability to share the world and the details I see has been even more satisfying.

Although not my full time job, my passion for photography really shows through in my work. I don’t have to depend on shooting for a living – I just love doing it.